Tips to stay safe when frying a turkey

While a good old-fashioned fried turkey can be delicious for Thanksgiving, the cooking process can actually be quite dangerous.

One slight mistake can cause a grease fire that’s very difficult to put out.

Taking proper caution during the cooking process is key to making sure everyone is safe.

First — make sure the turkey you’re cooking is completely thawed out and not frozen.

Once you are sure the turkey is thawed, make sure the oil is at a proper level before placing the turkey in the pot.

When putting the turkey in the pot, place it in slowly to avoid splashes and to make sure the oil will not overflow.

“Cooking safety is always a priority whether you’re cooking on the stove, whether you’re cooking in the oven, or whether you’re cooking on the grill or using a fryer cooking safety is very important especially during the holiday season,” said Assistant Chief Jason Davis of the Biloxi Fire Department. “We don’t want anybody to lose property or even lives at such a sensitive season.”

If a fire happens while frying a turkey, immediately call 911 and do not use water to put it out.

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