The Sands Development in Ocean Springs ordered to be demolished

An Ocean Springs townhouse development must be demolished after not complying with zoning and structural spacing laws.

Controversy is once again stirring in Ocean Springs over the Sands Development Project. Long time Coast attorney Leonard Blackwell II represents a group of neighbors, Ocean Springs residents, who noticed an unlawful change to their neighbor. “A development was being put in the middle of their neighborhood that was about three times more dense than the law allowed.”

After reviewing the residential zoning laws, Blackwell was confident the development was breaking the law. “The developer at one point was warned by the court and indeed by the city that it was proceeding at its own risk.”

Although the developer was warned, they continued to build. Then they were stopped after the Ocean Springs Planning Commission’s decision to deny the sketch plat. “The set backs and the spacing requirements are in the law. It’s math. It’s just clear.”

Attorney Blackwell assures that his clients, the residents that live in this neighborhood, are not opposed to new construction coming to the area. However, they would like for new developers to abide by the City of Ocean Springs zoning and residential laws.

Wednesday, a Jackson County judge ruled in favor of the Ocean Springs neighbors. “The changing in the zoning ordinance was set aside and declared to be void and the two non-compliant structures that were not legally placed and were forewarned against have to be demolished.”

Under the new city council, Blackwell hopes city officials will have a fresh view of the case. “It’s trying to keep the heart and soul of Ocean Springs and the way it’s supposed to be.”

The City of Ocean Springs is hosting a special call meeting to discuss the litigation regarding the Sands on Friday.

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