‘The Pride of St. Patrick’ band getting ready for football season

The first day of school at St. Patrick High School is set for Friday, August 6th. On this warm summer afternoon, the band and color guard for the Irish gathered to get ready for the new school year.

To infinity and beyond? Actually, more like to the St. Patrick School band camp. There you might know some of these life forms as they dressed up for Superhero Day. The band students were thrilled to not only participate, but to even have a camp this year. Junior Abigail Baker said, “It was a lot different. We didn’t have band camp last year. It was very different from there. We had to wear masks and it was really hot, but other than that it was fun to be with friends. I’m still happy I had the opportunity to do it.”

Abigail is ready to start school in a more traditional classroom setting. “I’m going to be a junior. So, I’m going to want to go to prom. So, I’m ready to go to regular high school and not have to worry about masks or anything like that.”

Also ready to kick off the school year is St. Patrick’s new band director Kyle Brookins. He’s ready to help cheer on athletics and lead the Irish to victory. “Be one with every sport. I want people to go to football and basketball games and want them to be there and if we’re not here I want them to be upset.”

Junior Brendon Turner said, “You can always play the game, but it would just be silent. That’d be boring. The band is playing, everyone is cheering, singing along to a fight song.”

Accompanying the new band director is Reagan Vance, another super instructor that will direct the team’s color guard. “So, their guard has never been taught professionally or in general. So, I’m happy to help. We actually had some band members switch to guard so we’ve gotten some new ones. They love it.”

The Pride of St. Patrick’s band is ready for football season, but know with ‘great power comes great responsibility.’

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