The Pillars of Biloxi honor veteran residents

The Pillars of Biloxi honored their veteran residents with a pinning ceremony.

The Biloxi High School ROTC Flag Detail lead the Pledge of Allegiance and Star Spangled Banner, allowing resident veterans to salute the colors and remember their time as members of the U.S. Military.

Second graders from Popp’s Ferry Elementary dropped off hand colored thank you cards and signs reading ‘thank you for your service.’

Each veteran also received an American flag pin, certificate of their appreciation, and free lunch of their choice catered by Applebee’s. Community Relations Director Courtney Williams said, “The ceremony I think made them feel proud. We want them to be proud of what they have done, what they have served. You never know their stories. You never know their history. I think that it just opens the eyes to the public that we need to really take care of our veterans. We don’t know the lives that they’re living right now.”

Fifteen of the Pillars of Biloxi residents were recognized. One of them was a woman.

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