The Greenhouse on Porter switching from a coffee shop to an event space

The Greenhouse on Porter Avenue, known for its signature biscuits, will close its oven for good by the end of November.

The beloved Ocean Springs Coffee Shop opened in 2014. The owners hadn’t even known each other for two months when they decided to become business partners.

Now, they’re dishing out new sweet and savory biscuits daily at a new location on Howard Avenue in Biloxi.

The original Porter Avenue location is where the biscuit magic started and served as the inspiration for the businesses name since it is an actual green house.

Now, the owners feel the space is better suited for a different purpose. Co-Owner Kait Sukiennik said, “We have made some decisions with the changing landscape in Ocean Springs, for ourselves, and our community, that the Green House on Porter is better served as an event space than a coffee shop.”

Co-Owner Jessie Zenor said, “We have made a lot of memories there. People have taken their first steps. People have gotten engaged. We’ve made lots of friends. We’ve been there for each other and we’re looking forward to the future of being connected to the community again.”

The last day for the Greenhouse on Porter is November 28th.

They’ll host events that last week that they are open including a film fest, music acts, and community potluck.

You can check out their Facebook page for more details.

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