The City of Ocean Springs under boil water advisory for two days

The Mississippi Department of Health has issued a boil water alert for the City of Ocean Springs that will likely last through the end of the week.

Health officials strongly recommend that all water be boiled thoroughly for one minute before its consumed.

This precaution will last at least two full days and water system officials will be immediately notified when the boil water alert is lifted.

Water samples tested by the Mississippi Department of Health were taken by a third-party contractor.

Public works has submitted additional water samples to the Mississippi Department of Health for testing.

The city should have results within 48 hours. New York Pizza Ocean Springs General Manager Sean Searcy said, “I had to shut off all our drink machines, put signs in the all the restrooms, people cannot use the restrooms obviously to wash their hands. We had to boil water so we could wash our hands inside of a big pot and we had to get gallons of water which is proven difficult because everybody else is going to the stores to get gallons of water. We make our dough fresh and our sauce fresh, the only way to do that now, is to use gallon water.”

Searcy says he sent an employee to Winn Dixie in Ocean Springs three times to buy more bottled and gallon waters and there was little to none. He says it reminds him of the beginning of the pandemic again.

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