Terror on the Coast is the largest haunted house on the Coast

If it does not feel like the Halloween season yet, we know just the place for you to get a good scare.

Movie producers who originally came to the Coast to shoot horror films thought it would be a good idea to use their company ‘Sideshow Props’ out of Louisiana to turn a warehouse into what is known as Terror on the Coast.

Props left over from filming create the largest haunted house on the Gulf Coast and producers plan to keep that title as they continue to add on and build with more scary props in the future.

Before people are taken into the hunt, which is 43 rooms inspired by horror films, they can grab something to eat at a food truck, sit at the bar and drink, or listen to some live music, but he careful because no matter where you are, you’re not safe. Be on the lookout for monsters.

Attendee Breanna Collins said, “I did not expect it to be this scary. It was pitch black dark. It was chainsaw noises, guns popping. People all over screaming. It was one creepy kid who had his arm around his head. It was crazy.”

Attendee Ethan Fournier said, “They chased me. I couldn’t see nothing. It was crazy. I had people bumping into me. I didn’t even know where I was at half the time.”

Attendee Harrison Baker said, “The scariest part for me when I was in the haunted house and she honked the horn at me.”

Terror on the Coast is open on Friday and Saturdays through October and then will go into transition mode as they get ready for a Christmas scary special.

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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