Teachers learn about blue economy careers at USM’s Marine Education Center

Twenty-three high school engineering teachers from across the state toured USM’s Marine Education Center to learn about blue economy careers.

Teachers watched a presentation where they learned about GenSea programs offered at the center to help bring awareness to their students.

The GenSea programs introduce students to the field of underwater mapping or hydrography, one of the many careers GenSea features.

Patrick Kirby, a research assistant, says he would like to see more people join the marine industry since there are so many job opportunities on the Coast. “We have smart jobs for the smart kids that are down here. They don’t have to leave. So, I think a lot of the perception from our kids here is that you have to leave the state in order to pursue a STEM career, but that’s not the case.”

To learn more about job opportunities go to usm-gensea.org.

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