Take a walk back in time in the village of Old D’Iberville

The Village of Old D’Iberville is back on the town green for the fourth year in a row. Over the years, the residents have seen it grow to a Christmas tradition.

Imagine a time when a movie ticket cost you about 50 cents and a gallon of gas was even less.  While that was decades ago, a walk through the village of Old D’Iberville is a trip down memory lane. Ralph Borries with Village of Old D’Iberville said, “My director Mike Mullins wanted to build a Christmas village and we were sitting there thinking and I asked him what kind and after a while something went off in my head and I said what about building Old D’Iberville? He said ‘well you think you can do it’ and I said I believe if we can get the pictures and all maybe.”

Borries, a fifth generation D’Iberville resident, crafted each reconstruction lining the village from start to finish.

With the help of historian Dale Greenwell, who gathered photos and information, Borries was able to replicate each structure, including their positioning, almost perfectly. D’Iberville City Manager Clay Jones said, “The craftmanship and the attention to detail, this is his vision. Ralph’s gift to us is this and this is his legacy and I’m so proud of him and I’m thankful for what he has done for our city. To actually be able to visualize what our city, what we had here in D’Iberville 100 years ago is truly amazing.”

These buildings are no longer standing, destroyed over time by hurricanes and even a fire, but there is one thing that that’s true about the Old D’Iberville is that memory stands the test of time.

Borries says he stepped foot in just every building he replicated and each one holds a place in his heart. “One of them I’m really proud of is the D’Iberville High School. It was my pleasure to build it because I graduated in 1964. It actually set on this same piece of property. This church here is one of my prides too because I was christened and baptized in it, first held communion and was married in it.”

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