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Thursday, August 13, 2020
Tags WXXV Shea Dobson

Tag: WXXV Shea Dobson

Mayoral Monday: Mayor Shea Dobson Gives a Glimpse of What’s to Come for Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson has a packed schedule this week, especially with tens of thousands of cruisers rolling into the city, but he...

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Ocean Springs first responders helps family after fire

On August 11th in Ocean Springs, a stove fire ruined what was supposed to be a good meal for a mother and her four...

Lot of opportunities for education and job skills at MGCCC

COVID-19 has changed life for all of us especially those who have lost their jobs or income this year, but there are plenty of...

Local bars concerned about alcohol sales restrictions

Wednesday bar owners and employees gathered at the steps of Biloxi City Hall to speak out against the city’s late night alcohol sales restrictions. Skal...

Governor Reeves gives COVID-19 update

Governor Tate Reeves had to cancel his daily press briefing at the original location due to a power outage. However, he managed to give...