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U.S. Senator Roger Wicker Set to Make Two Stops in South Mississippi Monday

United States Senator Roger Wicker is scheduled to make two stops in South Mississippi Monday -- one in Pascagoula for a major announcement at...

VT Halter awarded nearly $2.9M contract for U.S. Navy Champ program study

VT Halter Marine has won a contract worth nearly $2.9 million by the Naval Sea Systems Command. In 2018, the Navy implemented the Common Hull...

Construction begins on third Navy berthing barge at VT Halter Marine

VT Halter Marine has started construction on the third auxiliary personnel lighter, a new class of berthing barges commissioned by the U.S. Naval Sea...

VT Halter Marine receives $746 million contract

A shipbuilder is expanding on the Mississippi Gulf Coast after receiving a $746 million contract to make a heavy icebreaker for the U.S. Coast...

Air pollution problem in Pascagoula

Concerned citizens in an area of Jackson County have decided to take their life and safety into their own hands. Residents of the Cherokee...

Celebration of Partnership Ceremony

A new ship with the latest ocean navigating technology will be launching out of Pascagoula to help the U.S. Navy. A ceremony celebrating the partnership...

VT Halter Marine Faces Environmental Fines

A shipbuilding facility in Pascagoula is facing fines for environmental violations.

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