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MDEQ Lifts Water Contact Warnings for Mississippi Beaches

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), through its beach monitoring program, lifted water contact warnings Friday for all 21 standard beach segments as...

$15.5M to 4 groups for Gulf of Mexico research

Officials say four teams of scientists are getting $15.6 million from BP oil spill fines to study fish, other sea life and birds in the Gulf of Mexico.

National Center for Coastal Ocean Science Grants Funds to Research Toxic Algal Blooms

More help could be on the way, thanks to NOAA's National Center for Coastal Ocean Science, which is allocating more than $10 million dollars...

Businesses Adversely Affected by Algae Asked to Apply for Assistance

For weeks now, locals and visitors alike have seen the warning flags posted along many stretches of South Mississippi beaches warning people to avoid...

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