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Tiger brings out best in himself and the Masters

While walking the grounds of Augusta National, it’s usually easy to pick out first-timers at the Masters. The wide-eyed gazes slowly give way to...

Rain helps bring out low scores, charging Tiger

History has proven that anything can and will happen on Sunday at Augusta. That said, in order to have a chance to do something...

Unknowns shine amid stars on Masters Thursday

By MIKE ANTHONY Much is made of the power and emotion of the Sunday roars at Augusta National, but it’s often the quieter accomplishments in...

Even before Masters starts, back 9 on Sunday looms large

By MIKE ANTHONY As the old saying goes, The Masters doesn’t really begin until the second nine on Sunday.Through decades of thrilling finishes and memorable...

Magic of The Masters resumes at Augusta National

By MIKE ANTHONY The Augusta skies on Monday weren’t so friendly, but even a bit of a soggy start to the week couldn’t drown out...

Never Disappoints At The Masters

Hi, everybody. I’m Mike Anthony. And this is The Masters Life. Well, it’s all over at Augusta National for 2018. Four exciting rounds of golf...

Sunday drama never disappoints at the Masters

Throughout my week at the Masters, I’ve run into just about anything you could expect to see surrounding a major golf championship. From the...

No time like the first time at Augusta

“Perfect. And to think this ground has just been lying here all these years, waiting for someone to come along and lay a golf...

What you see and hear (and what you don’t) at Augusta

What you see and hear (and what you don’t) at Augusta It hardly needs to be stated that Augusta National is a special place for...

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