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1/20 – Rob Knight’s “VERY COLD” Morning Forecast

With high-pressure dominating the region, it's a very cold start this morning...

11/15 – Rob Knight’s Weekend/Warming Forecast

After a chilly start with a few clouds, skies have cleared with the mercury climbing into the 60s...

5/22 – Rob’s “HOT & HUMID” Afternoon Forecast

It's ridiculously HOT as temps soar into the upper 80s with HEAT INDICES in the mid-90s...

2/21 – Rob Knight’s “Warm/Humid” Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

After a HUMID start to the day with areas of PATCHY FOG, warm & humid conditions continue...

3/22 – Rob Knight’s Midday News/Afternoon Forecast

After a cloudy start to the day, skies have cleared with an abundance of sunshine along with breezy conditions developing...

4/29 – Rob’s Friday Morning Forecast

It's a pleasant start with a few thin clouds and mild temps...

4/8 – Rob’s “Friday Afternoon” Forecast

High-pressure moving closer to the area has brought sunny skies with a few thin upper-level clouds...

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