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Responses to flag debate in Ocean Springs

Tuesday night, Organizations protested against the Mississippi state flag in Ocean Springs prior to the board of aldermen meeting. During that meeting, Mayor Shea...

One Flag For All Returns

One year ago, the organization One Flag for All came to the board asking them to vote to take down the divisive flag that...

Black Lives Matter Meet Up

Last weekend the community came together in Gulfport for a Black Lives Matter meet-up, hoping to create a dialogue in regards to recent racial...

First Mississippi Rising Coalition Meeting

The Mississippi Rising Coalition, a newly founded group, is seeking to protect all citizens in the state, regardless of their race, religion or sexual...

KKK Flyer Found On Driveway

Douglas Myatt and his neighbors received KKK flyer on there driveway. Douglas Myatt tells News 25, "I went out this morning to the front yard,...

Vigil Planned For Orlando Victims

News 25's Laurene Callander interviews Lea Campbell about the Shooting in Orlando as a vigil is planned for the victims of the Orlando Shooting....

Gulf Coast Vigil For Orlando Victims

Mississippi may be over 500 miles away but tonight the magnolia state will show support for Orlando with a vigil. The candlelight ceremony will...

Supervisors Vote On Flag

News 25's Laurene Callander, tells us about the Jackson State County Supervisors vote on removing the state flag from the county. // (function(d, s, id)...

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