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$3.4 Million Coming to Airport

It could be a bit quieter in neighborhoods near the Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport, thanks to a $3.4 million grant it’s receiving from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Gulf Coast Community Foundation Celebrates 25 Years

The Gulf Coast Community Foundation commemorates 25 years of serving south Mississippi with celebratory gifts to the community and special gatherings.

State Board of Education Awards $1.47 Million in Grants

The State Board of Education is providing grants to a number of schools across the state in an effort to make our children better readers.

Biloxi Chamber Awards Grants to Local Businesses

The Biloxi Chamber of Commerce has awarded thousands of dollars in grants for businesses that fixed up their new locations.

Coast Chamber & Main Street Continue to Help Small Business

Downtown Gulfport is booming, and to encourage small businesses to grow, the Coast Chamber, along with the Main Street Association, handed out $15,000 in grants at Wednesday morning's breakfast.