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New Jersey regulators mulling Eldorado buyout of Caesars

By KEN RITTER Associated Press New Jersey gambling regulators plan to vote Friday on the last approval needed for Nevada-based Eldorado Resorts Inc.'s huge $17.3 billion buyout of Caesars Entertainment Corp. to create the world’s biggest casino company. The deal…

What Are the Odds? (Part 5)

In the final part of our ‘What Are the Odds?’ series, News 25 takes a look at the future of Atlantic City and goes over what casino markets from coast to coast can learn from the mistakes made there.

What Are the Odds? (Part 4)

Gaming markets across the country are looking at Atlantic City as a case study, learning from its mistakes and successes.

What Are the Odds? (Part 3)

The closings of four Atlantic City casinos left those who have worked their entire lives in casinos without a job.

What Are the Odds? (Part Two)

In part two of our ‘What are the Odds?’ series, the remaining casinos in Atlantic City that were able to reinvest in their properties are beginning to see profits again as east coast gamblers have fewer casinos to place their bets.

What Are the Odds? (Part 1)

Atlantic City, New Jersey was once the mecca for east coast gamblers and party goers alike, but now it is faced with closing casinos, a struggling economy, and vast unemployment.