Summer campers use marionettes to tell the story of the 100 Men Hall

Celebrating its one hundred years of business, the 100 Men Hall gets kids to theatrically tell their story.

Pulling at children’s heartstrings, the 100 Men Hall starts its summer club where kids are learning how to create a marionette show completely from scratch. Art educator/ Artist Dale Pohl said, “To make the marionettes, we are looking at our own joints, and our own movements, and they have to mimic that, then they have to sew that, and it’s a slow process and mistakes are made and they have to fix those things and work through it and watching that happen and seeing these kids slow down over the past few days has been magic.”

Pohl believes art is a good way children can express themselves. “It’s a huge big deal to have them making art in this place, for their place, and all on their own. So, I’m very honored to be able to keep that going”

The campers are telling the Hall’s legacy through the marionette show. 100 Men Hall Director Rachel Dangermond said, “It’s gonna end with a performance on June 29th. And the marionettes are gonna tell the story of the one hundred years of the 100 Men Hall by decade.”

Campers range in age from seven to 22. Not only are these campers developing their own personal skills, interacting with one another, learning by trial and error, these campers are learning how to create with their own two hands. The campers are learning Claymation, they’re learning how to create costumes, and their learning most importantly, how to tell a story.

The campers are gaining insight and learning from professional artists. Artist Jimbo Mathus said, “Different aspects of the process of what we are creating is gonna involve everything from sewing to design, theatre planning.”

The people of 100 Men Hall are thankful the camp was made possible by a sponsor. “The customers who round up their bill with Coast Electric, their roundup is what’s paying for this beautiful, wonderful, summer camp and our ability to tell the story.”

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