Students in the Gulfport School District head back to school

School is in session for the ten schools in the Gulfport School District.

Thursday marked the return of sixth and ninth graders while today was the first day back to school for the rest of the district.

Gulfport is one of the few school districts in Mississippi returning to school early this year on a flexible schedule.

Bayou View Elementary is home to around 700 students, kindergarten through fifth grade, who are back hitting the books.

Administrators and teachers say day one looks like the start of a great year to come, despite the early end to summer vacation. Third Grade Teacher April Hoyt said, “We thought it was going to be kind of difficult, but really it’s only like a week earlier than what we are used to. It gave us time to get acclimated to know how to get back in the swing of things after being out with COVID in 2020, all the restrictions we had last year. It was nice to be back to normal and give us time to get ready for that change.”

Bayou View Elementary Principal Tess Lawrence said, “We’re all excited to have our kids back with us. We had our meet the teacher yesterday from 1 until 3. Kids dropped off school supplies. There’s a lot of energy in the building. Kids are following procedures and we started learning the first day. We are so excited to have our kids with us.”

Around 6,400 students attend the Gulfport School District.

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