Students in Gulfport School District get new badges

Gulfport middle and high school students have a new form of identification.

This week, students received a badge that combines the library system, cafeteria system, and the bus system.

In order to get on and off the bus, students must check in with their badge, which allows parents to know where they are on the route and if their child had been dropped off or not.

Parents and students were quick to ask questions once they heard the badge had a microchip.

Gulfport Schools Superintendent Glen East went on to explain the purpose of the microchip. “This chip only cuts on and off that bus. It doesn’t work after you get off the bus and go somewhere else. You can’t track that card. So, it’s 100% about just making sure parents can know where those buses are during the day.”

Gulfport hopes to later implement the badges at all the schools.

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