‘Strike out the Stigma’ Night held at MGM Park

For the second year in a row, Gulfport Behavioral Health System headed over to MGM Park to help host ‘Strikeout the Stigma’ night.

The team with the health system settled down in front of the Shuckers gift shop where guests came up and discussed a variety of topics on mental health.

They handed out a variety of pamphlets all with information about different aspects of mental health on them.

To get guests even more excited to learn, the team brought some of its emotional support pets which guests were allowed to play with as much as they wanted. Gulfport Behavioral Health System Director of Business Development Stephen East said, “Mental health is very important. A lot of people don’t realize that mental health can impact your physical health, so it’s almost as important to get your mental health checkup annually just like your physical checkup. You know, a lot of times you’re feeling depressed, you’re feeling anxious, you just don’t have the energy; and that’s the physical aspect of it.”

The Strikeout the Stigma night is expected to become a yearly tradition at MGM Park as the seasons continue.

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