Stolen Mississippi rifle is making its way back to Beauvoir

Museums from Pennsylvania to Connecticut to Mississippi were hit by mysterious burglaries in the 70s.

Nearly 50 years ago, an 1847 Mississippi rifle was stolen from Beauvoir and was recently recovered in Delaware.

The rifle, from the First Regiment Mississippi, known for its Battle of Buena Vista which was a turning point in the Mexican-American War, was on loan to Beauvoir from the State Department of Archives and History when it was stolen.

While Beauvoir waits for the rifles return, its sister rifle will be on display. Executive Director Jason Smith said, “We do have a similar rifle here that you can view now. It is in 1849, so its two years newer, but very similar. It’s the sister rifle to what is missing, what has now been returned after 50 years.”

Detailed records of how the rifle was stolen were washed away due to Hurricane Katrina. Smith says it could be another two months before the rifle returns home.

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