State Board of Education adopts new weapons policy

The Mississippi Board of Education voted Thursday to adopt its proposed weapons policy update, which removed language that conflicted with Mississippi’s 2011 enhanced conceal carry laws.

The State Board’s policy update does not give school personnel the ability to carry guns in schools.

The new policy says: “Chapter 97: Weapons Rule 97.1 Weapons. Each local school district shall have a policy concerning weapons on school premises.”

Local school districts establish their own policies regarding weapons on campus. In reviewing their current policies, local school districts should consult with their board attorney to ensure compliance with federal and state law.

An Associated Press story published earlier this year, said school districts are still required to have a policy regulating firearms on campus, but they have the authority to determine what these policies entail. Possessing a gun on school property without an enhanced concealed carry license is a felony under Mississippi law.

To ensure effective school safety standards statewide, the Mississippi Department of Education and the Department of Public Safety recently formed the Mississippi School Safety Alliance, which includes leaders from the State Board, law and public safety, education, mental health, parent groups, and teacher organizations.

The alliance is working to evaluate and/or revise current state laws, State Board policies, protocols, and best practices to ensure local school districts are providing a safe, supportive, and nurturing learning environment for all students, staff and administrators.

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