St. Alphonsus students celebrate therapy dog’s birthday by raising money for shelter animals

In Ocean Springs, St. Alphonsus’ therapy dog, Maybel, is turning four!

Maybel is a shelter pup turned therapy dog and she’s celebrating her fourth birthday with the students at St. Alphonsus Catholic School in Ocean Springs. Maybel’s handler Amy Nimmo said, “The longer it goes, the better she does. She goes to students who need her. You can tell. She will go to students who are just having a bad day, she will just sit on their feet, lay down, and she just does a great job and the kids really love her.”

Maybel has been working at St. Alphonsus since August and it’s safe to say these children are smitten with her.

Students at the school get to walk, pet, and read to Maybel. They can even write her letters. One student said, “Maybel is like a miracle to me because whenever I just feel down and stressed, when I can just look at her, I know that she’s always there for me and that we have a solution to help me feel better.”

By the way people’s faces light up around Maybel, it’s clear she’s a pro.

Maybel’s making a big difference here and at the Jackson County Animal Shelter. When she’s not being a therapy dog, she works as a spokes-dog for Pennies for Puppies.

As a shelter dog herself, Maybel represents the hundreds of loving animals that need homes. That’s why her birthday wish this year is to raise money for animal shelters.

Pennies for Puppies raise money for the Jackson County Animal Shelter to help more dogs like Maybel.

You can donate through Venmo, Cash App, or by just dropping cash or check off at the school’s office. “It makes me feel like she’s basically part of the family here at St. Alphonsus because she’s a loving, nurturing dog that we all want to snuggle with.”

Anyone who wants to help Maybel celebrate her birthday by contributing to Pennies for Puppies can go to

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