Sportsbooks prepare for March Madness

One of the most exciting times in the sports world is almost here: March Madness. With the tournament right around the corner, bets are starting to roll in at the casinos.

With 63 total games, not including the first four play-in games, bettors have a large variety of games they can play making it one of the most popular times for sports bettors on the Coast.

Golden Nugget Assistant General Manager Scott King says that players can also make bets on the Women’s March Madness Tournament as well as the NIT games.

King says while these tournaments are not as popular as the men’s March Madness tournament, they still see a large amount of bets made for those games. “Well, it’s finally here and it’s not only March Madness but you got the NIT Tournament going on and then you got the women’s tournament so you really just got an influx of betting opportunities for folks who want to come in and bet on not just one game but a whole slew of them. Obviously, a lot of people come to bet it, but for events like this, a lot of them will stick around and actually watch the games. With games going on all day, they’ll be able to make live bets during the games.”

Bets can be placed both at the sportsbook counters or at the betting kiosks.

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