Speeders on Achafalaya Basin Bridge could face fines that are doubled

Drivers who drive Interstate 10 between Baton Rouge and Lafayette be warned — speeding is not an option.

A new Louisiana law that took effect Monday means speeding on the Achafalaya Basin Bridge will cost you double.

The Achafalaya Basin Bridge is now a ‘highway safety corridor. So if you’re caught speeding, the $175 fine will be doubled to $350 following a one-time warning. Subsequent speeding violations would result in $1,000 fines.

One way they’re checking for speeders? The time it takes to cross the 18-mile bridge. If a vehicle makes it across in less than 18 minutes — do the math — the vehicle will be cited.

Speed cameras will calculate the on and off time on the bridge to determine who’s speeding.

Slow down. Enjoy the scenery.

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