Southern Miss, SEAAHEAD sponsor Inaugural Demo Day for Gulf Blue Navigator program

The University of Southern Miss and their research foundation teamed up with SEAAHEAD to sponsor the inaugural Demo Day of the Gulf Blue Navigator Program.

The program included presentations by six blue technology start up companies. The event celebrates the success of the pilot program and first-ever blue technology accelerator program focused on the Gulf of Mexico.

The Gulf Blue Navigator Program facilitates participation of startups in workshops, mentoring, site visits, and testing in South Mississippi and coastal waters to develop scale-up strategies and learn about the market potential of the Gulf Coast. USM Vice President for Research Kelly Lucas said, “This is kind of a continuation of those type things we do as a university. Working with multiple companies, really to showcase what we have to offer them as experts in the field, and our assets along the Gulf Coast — access to our labs, to the ocean, to the ocean data cube, which is a sensor network of satellites and ocean sensors they can test their products. To our manufacturing services here on the Coast to the other companies, Mississippi is really just a great place to do business. And we are the gateway to the Gulf of Mexico.”

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