Southern Miss’ Gulf Park pantry in need of donations

The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Park pantry is in need of food and hygiene items for students.

The Gulf Park pantry is available to all USM students and faculty.

As prices increase at the store, many visitors to the pantry have asked for cleaning and hygiene products.

The Gulf Park pantry is also looking to add some more variety to its shelves.

Students from all walks of life can utilize this pantry to help alleviate financial costs.

“It’s not just somewhere to come if you’re really on that down and out part of life,” said Kalon Duncanson, a student worker in the Office of Student Affairs. “But necessarily just to make life a little bit easier, make college a little bit easier for you.”

“If you don’t have toothpaste, or you don’t have soap, you don’t have cleaning supplies, or, like, even food,” said Kristen Chachati, a graduate assistant for the Office of Student Affairs. “How can we expect students to succeed when they’re worrying about those things?”

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