Southern Elite provides lacrosse opportunities to kids along the Gulf Coast

A not so common sport is beginning to gain more popularity in South Mississippi.

Southern Elite Lacrosse is an organization that provides lacrosse opportunities for kids across the Coast.

After starting with 15 kids in 2015, Southern Elite now produces anywhere between 60 to 90 lacrosse players a year.

Since taking over from the Ocean Springs Lacrosse Organization, Southern Elite has won two lacrosse state championships.

Southern Elite President Nicole Gazzo explains why this sport is so special to many. “It really provides such an opportunity to give another sport to play so they’re not over utilizing muscles and keeps them healthy and they love it. They get a lot of running, a lot of agility training, and it’s definitely a sharp-skilled sport. They call it the fastest game on two feet and you can see why.”

Southern Elite competes in the Gulf South Lacrosse League which is comprised of teams from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

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