Social media post places Harrison Central High School on lockdown

Harrison Central High School was put on lockdown today due to a shooting threat placed on social media.

The threat is a Snapchat post that says gunfire will be released at 10:30 a.m. on Friday and that 20 students and four administrators will be shot.

The school went into standard protocol lockdown because of the threat. That means no person could enter or leave the building until it was lifted.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived to investigate and deemed the threat was not credible.

Similar threats have been going around schools across the country as well as with the image being copied and edited with different school names. Harrison County School District Superintendent Mitchell King said, “I understand that parents see this on social media and they react to it. Social media is giving schools all kinds of headaches right now with all of these posts that come out. There’s no credibility to them a lot of times, but we have to assume that it is credible because we are going to do everything we can to protect our students under all circumstances.”

Today, all schools in the Hancock County School District were also placed on ‘soft lockdown’ as a precaution that was lifted within 20 minutes.

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