Snowbiz in D’Iberville is open for a new season

Snowball season has officially started and Snowbiz in D’Iberville is open.

The shop originally opened last summer and closes down in the winter season. Last Friday, the shop officially opened its doors to customers.

Prior to the opening, Snowbiz did some renovations to the shop, adding a new TV in the seating area for customers, a mural for selfies is painted along the main wall, and add-ons to snowballs like pop rocks are now available.

The shop has over 25 flavors and is most famous for having snowballs that melt in your mouth like cotton candy. Employee Tobias Wilson said, “We opened up to be a part of the community and get to know everyone and be a chill spot for the locals and anyone who comes out of state as well. We’re excited to see the community and everyone come in and everyone that comes through the door, they become a part of this family for sure.”

Snowbiz has a trailer now to travel to events or for other occasions.

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