Small Business Saturday happening tomorrow

November 26 is Small Business Saturday, a day to celebrate and support small businesses.

The Pecan House is a local business ran by family that has been passed down from one generation to the next.

Originally the Peace House started in McHenry, where most production still takes place.

In 2015, they opened up another store located in Gulfport on Lorraine Road.

The store holds not only a large variety of flavored pecans to choose from, but also unique and homemade gifts you couldn’t find in other stores.

“I just want our customers down here to be able to get to us a little easier, to be able to get their hands on the products easier versus traveling on 49 — although its not a bad drive but we just wanted it to be more convenient for our coasties,” said Chelsey Caudill, the store manager. “The family recipe is locked away. My great-grandma started all the recipes when she opened up in ’84, we still keep those recipes going and we’ve added probably 20 more recipes since then.”

The Pecan House also does custom orders if you want certain pecans or treats as a gift or just for yourself.

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