Singing River Mall property brings people together for Tasty Thursday

Gautier’s food truck event ‘Tasty Thursday’ is back up and running.

Tasty Thursdays in Gautier are back after winter break. Hungry people from across the Coast showed up at what was the Singing River Mall property for a bite from their favorite food truck. With recent developments announced by the city, it feels more like a celebration than just lunch.

The Singing River mall property parking lot has laid vacant for quite some time, but the City of Gautier plans to bring the life back to it through events such as Tasty Thursday and more in the future.

Since buying the property in 2021, the city has broken ground on a new amphitheater and is excited about the outside shopping experience they’ll be adding.

In the meantime, the city has been hosting events like Tasty Thursday to help revitalize the community. Mayor Casey Vaughan said, “People want this blighted property to be something for them to enjoy. And that’s what their local leaders, myself, our city council, our city manager, her staff… that’s what we want for all the citizens. And we are committed here to the citizens of Gautier – to work, to develop this property from a blighted property where it has nothing to where it has something.”

Long time citizens Ken and Margaret Taylor love events like Tasty Thursday and are thrilled to see Gautier’s future. Jackson County Supervisor Ken Taylor said, “We were here when the mall opened, that was a long time ago, and it was a great mall at the time. It’s a shame there just wasn’t support in the area to maintain it. And we’re delighted to see that the City of Gautier is working really hard to revitalize.”

Even when everything is finished, these food trucks will still have a home near the amphitheatre, giving the citizens of Gautier another reason to come together.

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