Shop with a Cop returns to Gautier in new way

A favorite holiday event for children is back in a new way.

Gautier Police Department’s Shop with a Cop returns with a new twist. Previously, officers would take needy families out shopping for gifts. Now the event will be held as a toy drive with donations being accepted.

In addition to toys, the department would also appreciate material donations such as stockings, wrapping paper, and tape.

Monetary donations can be made out to the Gautier Pride, who is partnering with the police department for this event. Gautier Police Chief David Bever said, “What we’re doing is a toy drive event. We’re collecting materials for the toy drive until December 12th. After that, we will be selecting families to come to the police station and shopping through the collections we’ve made.”

If you are unable to bring gifts to the station, give Gautier PD a call to arrange for a pickup at 228-497-2486.

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