Shark research done on the Mississippi Sound

It is Shark Week and what better way to honor the week devoted to conservation efforts and correcting misconceptions about sharks than by checking in on research done locally.

The University of Southern Mississippi does a great deal of shark research. There are about nine species of sharks that are common to the Mississippi Sound that they study.

USM looks at population monitoring and life history surveys of age, diet, and reproduction.

They also collect data using a tag and release program that even the public can get involved in. Center for Fisheries Interim Director Jill Hendon said, “With this program we actually tag species of interest. We have cobia. We have triple trail shark species. We go out and tag these with a unique identified number on them and with that information we glean a lot of really important research data. So, we can learn where that fish moved, how much it grew in that time.”

One way you can assist in local shark research is by contacting USM if you catch one of their tagged fish and provide information like the tag number and catch location.

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