Shaggy’s offering free burgers and beer to Louisiana residents

To anyone who has evacuated from Louisiana, Shaggy’s is offering free food to help ease the road to recovery.

A free burger, fries, and beer is being offered to anyone with a valid Louisiana ID. In just the first day, over 1,000 burgers were given to evacuees.

Friday is the final day of the free burger and beer special so stop by and visit any Shaggy’s location Along the Coast.

Evacuees appreciated the free meal today and took a sigh of relief as they indulged in the first bite. Shaggy’s Marketing Director Collin Caranna said, “The promotion is going to continue on tomorrow and I can say that all of our stores have been full all day, happy customers. Our manager in Jackson called me and told me that one table got so emotional when they realized they were going to get a free meal. So, it’s those types of moments that make us realize how great this is and how much bigger it is than just us.”

Shaggy’s opens at 11 a.m. and will offer on the house burgers and beer all day. All you need is a Louisiana drivers license.

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