Severe weather on the Coast

Although the potential tropical cyclone has yet to advance to the stage at which it receives a name, several cities along the Coast have taken precautions.

Pascagoula, Pass Christian, and Biloxi have all declared states of emergencies. These declarations are often part of standard operating plans when severe weather arises and gives the mayors the power to take all reasonable actions to protect life and property.

Whether the tropical disturbance earns a name or not, Harrison County Emergency Management Agency Director Matt Stratton says all weather events throughout the hurricane season should be taken seriously. “This is the first of many opportunities that we’re going to have this hurricane season and so this is the time to really make sure your plans work, that your supplies are adequate, that you are prepared for stronger, more challenging storms if those do come later this season. And so, we need to take each event on its own and don’t underestimate any of these.”

Stratton says the main concern throughout the weekend will be flooding and that motorists should slow down and account for extra time for travel.

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