Several projects currently under construction in the City of Pascagoula

Pascagoula is currently under construction, making major upgrades to the city.

The City of Pascagoula has been working tirelessly to expand their city into something brand new. Today, much of the city is under construction to try and make this remodel a reality. Pascagoula City Manager Michael Silverman said, “There is an appetite to live in Pascagoula and just excited to keep seeing the progress.”

One of the largest projects the city is working on is restoring a historic bank into the city centre at 3207 Magnolia Street. The centre will have 28 residential units, office space, and a rooftop bar. Construction is expected to finish late spring of 2022. “It’s really going to be a major attraction for our community. They’ve already started posting ads for renting out the units and we’re really excited about all the interest this project is going to gather from folks.”

Another business under construction is Delo’s Heavenly House of Coffee at 703 Delmas Avenue. This mixed-use project will feature three apartment units, a coffee shop, and a full kitchen available to be used as an incubator for a new business.

Other projects in the works includes Thomas Genin preparing to break ground soon on a second Hotel Whiskey and a new interior event space at 3109 Pascagoula Street. Delo’s Heavenly House of Coffee Owner Delorise Nettles said, “To be a small business owner requires a lot of investment on your time, and I want to give that person an opportunity to find out if they actually want to be a small business owner without making the full investment.”

In total, there has been about $36 million of private investments placed into these projects over the past three years. “My father worked in Pascagoula and this is what I know, and so it’s part of who I am. So, if it’s part of who I am, why would I not invest in it.”

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