September’s Class Act: St. Martin Middle School teacher Leigh Ducharme

News 25’s Grant Chighizola is debuting a new series, highlighting teachers across South Mississippi who are making a difference and changing the game in the field of education.

For this inaugural Class Act, we partnered with Huntington Learning Center to honor a teacher known for her fun approach to math.

St. Martin Middle School’s Leigh Ducharme is only in her second year of teaching numbers and equations as a seventh-grade math teacher and she’s already left a major mark on students. “I don’t even know how to put it into words, that was so sweet, and so amazing to get that e-mail, especially as a second year.”

Our September Class Act comes from a family of educators, who inspired her to make a difference in the lives of children. “My mom is a teacher, and so was my grandma, and so I was around that forever and then I really had awesome teachers when I was in seventh and eighth grade, so that made me want to be a middle school math teacher.”

Ducharme was nominated for this honor by the parent of a former student, something she says is truly an honor. “Close parent, very supportive, and then to see that again…it must have stuck with that student through now.”

When it comes to teaching math, Ducharme says making the subject matter relatable to her students helps kids feel more at ease in the classroom. “Kids come in, and they’re like ‘I’m not good at math, I’m not good at it’, and I’m like, ‘yes you are, absolutely you are, you have to try, so you build that relationship first, then they want to try for you.”

We are so excited to do this series every month in conjunction with our Teacher of the Month giveaway with Huntington Learning Center.

To nominate a deserving teacher in any of our South Mississippi schools, click here.

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