Seniors setting the tone for Mississippi State in Omaha

Having already made back-to-back trips to the College World Series, the Mississippi State baseball program had every right to expect another.

But the standard goes deeper than that, starting with players like Tanner Allen and Rowdey Jordan, seniors that didn’t have to come back, but they did and Head Coach Chris Lemonis is sure glad they did. “The expectation in that clubhouse comes from Tanner and Rowdey and Josh and Spencer and Riley, those older kids, this is where you’re supposed to be. And we spoke all week, we spoke last week, this is where Mississippi State is supposed to be. If we’re not here, everybody is disappointed. And it’s not like that everywhere in the country. There’s high expectations for coaches, high expectations for players, and we understand that.”

Mississippi State draws Texas as their first College World Series opponent in a rematch of the very first game of the entire season at 6 p.m. Sunday. The Bulldogs won that first meeting 8-3.

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