Secretary Watson presents $11.2M Tidelands Check

On behalf of the Gulf Coast legislative delegation, Secretary of State Michael Watson presented the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources with a check for $11.2 million representing the Tidelands Trust Fund.

Revenue for the Tidelands Trust Fund is generated by leases on lands owned by the state in trust for the people of Mississippi and assessments for onshore gaming operations.

Generated funds are dispersed to MDMR for programs and projects geared toward conservation and preservation of Mississippi Tidelands and the increase in public access areas on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Secretary Watson said, “Even though these dollars are spent on the Coast, they are for the entire state. So, citizens in north Mississippi, in Vicksburg and Meridian, who get to come to the Coast and have this public access to enjoy what we see every day, this beautiful water, the seafood, catching fish, going to the island. It’s an important part for the entire state, not just the Coast.”

The $11.2 million is the second-highest tidelands transfer since 1997.

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