Seashore Highlands holds St. Patrick’s Day parade for seniors

Residents at the Seashore Highlands Retirement Community celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a car parade.

The seniors began their day with a St. Patrick’s themed lunch and then made their way out front where a car parade rolled by.

Organizations such as Home Instead, Traditions, St. Joseph’s, and the Corvette Club joined in on the ride as they tossed beads and trinkets to the seniors.

The team at Seashore Highlands says they began these car parades as a creative way to bring joy to the seniors during the COVID pandemic. Seashore Highlands Life Enrichment Coordinator Cora Mitchell said, “It means the world to me. I’ve been here for about two years and there’s nothing like the joy of getting to know these elders and seeing their smiles on their faces.”

Seashore Highlands resident Hank Viehmann said, “The parade was beautiful. It had several just outstanding Corvettes and I enjoy cars.”

The senior home has held parades for other holidays as well such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

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