Seafood sales skyrocket during the holiday season

Seafood along the Coast is already popular, but during the Christmas season sales make a quick rise.

Local seafood shop Desporte has noticed this sales increase pretty quickly. Owner Sean Desporte says the store has had to restock many items in the shop multiple times.

The most popular items on the store’s list this season by far has been their oysters. Desporte says the store has brought in at least 400 sacks of oysters just this week with 150 more coming in just this afternoon.

He says even though the work has been nonstop, the team has been able to keep up with all inventory ranging from crawfish, crab meat, and more. “I know we have been really busy. Everybody is really tired, but everybody’s happy and has a smile on their face, and we’re enjoying having everybody come in and buy great seafood from us. Everybody that works with us is a hard worker and like family.”

The shop is even doing a Christmas crawfish sale. Live crawfish are now $4.75 a pound and boiled are $5.99 a pound.

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