Seabees help build a new tower for Coast Guard at Port of Gulfport

The Seabees have been out at the Port of Gulfport since last week conducting operations on the southeast side of the port.

The Seabees of NMCB-1 are working on a new project for the U.S. Coast Guard. Because one of the Coast Guard’s navigational beacons was destroyed, Seabees are pouring a concrete pad to house a new 35-foot tower as its replacement. Lt. Quinn Parlier said, “They are a pair of towers in the Port of Gulfport. What they do is produce a signal or produces a bright reflection off a neon panel so ships that are coming in the port can navigate successfully onto the dock.”

This project is part of a continuing relationship that the Seabees have with the Port of Gulfport. CEO and Executive Director of the Port Jon Nass said it’s all about collaboration. “It’s a win-win-win. We have the Seabees getting the training to help protect our nation and accomplish their mission. We have the Coast Guard to aid with navigation. We have the port where we are able to provide that real-life training scenario.”

Lt. Parlier says he is happy to help his brothers and sisters in the Coast Guard with their construction needs. “It’s extremely fulfilling to be able to help our hometown where we are in the local area. It is so great to see our Seabees be able to impact our own community in our backyard.”

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