Scrapin’ the Coast took over the Coast this weekend

Low riders and bass boosters rode into the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi this weekend for the annual Scrapin’ the Coast.

Guests from all over the country came to the Coast to take part in all the fun. Their were several events such as a drive-thru car show, a cornhole tournament, musical performances, award presentations, and more.

Several organizations took part in showing off their work at the event, including speaker manufacturing company PRV Audio that brought several bass boosted cars to Scrapin’. PRV Audio Product Manager Jefferson Lirio said, “It’s being great. We’re here with the whole team. It’s a lot of energy. Just a lot of people, the culture here with cars is very strong. I love the love from the people that want to hear the trucks. They want to sit inside it and check it out, very nice.”

This year was also the 20th anniversary of Scrapin’ the Coast.

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