Scrapin the Coast 2021 at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum

The wildest show returned as crowds flocked to Biloxi for the 19th annual Scrapin the Coast.

From low riders to lifted trucks, thousands of people piled in for the 19th annual Scrapin the Coast. What started out as mainly an event for low riders, the show has grown into something that all can enjoy. Marketing and Special Events Coordinator Jamie Stebly said, “We have, as you can see, Scrapin the Coast 2021 happening this weekend. It’s a great family event. It’s very fun. It’s very cool. There are cars and trucks that I’ve never seen before in my life. It’s amazing. It’s very entertaining.”

Last year, the show went on while still dealing with the pandemic, but Stebly says this year people are excited and getting back out and having a great time. “This year, now that so many people have been vaccinated, I personally am seeing the numbers being higher. People are coming out, having a great time, not being afraid. Everybody’s got their shot.”

Tons of people gathered at Scrapin the Coast 2021 and there was everything from a live DJ to a corn-hole competition and a burnout contest. After dealing with the pandemic, people were itching to get back and doing what they love most: showing off their pride and joy. Scrapin’ the Coast attendee Jose Luciano said, “It gave me a year to build another vehicle. The vehicle looks completely different and to be able to come back out here and it’s like nothing happened. So, you’re still seeing kids running around, you’re still seeing families come out and enjoying themselves.”

Luciano aka Mr. Untouchable says this was his first year at the wildest show in the world and he plans to come back next year to take part in the action. “Oh, it’s amazing. This is definitely a show to come back for. I’m sure it does good for the state of Mississippi. I’m definitely coming back.”

You can expect Mr. Untouchable to drift back next year as event organizers have no reason to steer away from the success Scrapin the Coast brings.

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