School zone safety reminders for Gulfport School District

The new year-round school schedule in the Gulfport School District could confuse drivers as school zones have become active earlier than usual.

The Gulfport Police Department wants to bring safety awareness to drivers and students to avoid any accidents.

If you are caught speeding through a school zone, you will receive a fine. Motorists should also remember that passing a stopped school bus is prohibited.

Gulfport Police Department says patience while driving through school zones is very important in order to prevent accidents.

The best advice to drivers is to take extra precautions, pay attention, and plan ahead.

Gulfport PD Public Information Officer Sgt. Jason Ducre tells News 25 what drivers need to do to stay safe on the road. “Pay attention. Get off your cell phones. Pay attention to the road and if you have to plan early or have a plan, leave early, and watch out for school buses, watch out for pedestrians. Watch out for crosswalks and like I said just pay attention, pay attention, pay attention.”

Gulfport PD will have extra patrol near schools, along with school resource officers, to monitor school zones.

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