School resource officers receive safety training in Harrison County

The Harrison County School District is hosting a training session this week for the National Association of School Resource Officers as part of an effort to help make schools safer.

Sixty-two school resource officers from across Mississippi gathered at the Harrison County School District Center for Excellence in Gulfport to undergo a basic course.

Maintaining a secure environment means more than just protecting against gun violence. This training is a unique way for the school resource officers to learn how to deal with any unfortunate circumstance.  Chaplain Archie Hodge said, “We’re trying to teach these officers how to go into the school and help their students, not just the students, but the faculty and the staff that they’re going to be dealing with.”

SROs are more than just a cop, they’re also a counselor as well as a caring mentor for the students. Archie Hodge is a chaplain and he is also one of the founders of this program. “They need someone to look up as a hero.”

The Mississippi Association of School Resource Officers are here covering a multitude of topics. They are also using interactive activities to help them reflect on their own personal lives to better understand others around them. NASRO Instructor Seth Sullivan said, “The purpose of the exercise is to show that there’s a lot of different types of situations. So, we have that exercise with the kids, our actual students cross the line and look around and see because we don’t realize that there are many different barriers and many other obstacles that the kids have to overcome in their own homes.”

The course is required for school resource offers to be recognized by The Mississippi Department of Education to get certified.

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