School back in session for Gulfport School District students

It’s the first school day for select grades in the Gulfport School District.  Despite having a shorter summer than most districts due to their flexible schedule, these Admirals are ready to anchor down the new school year.

“It’s the first day of a new school, new people.”

Freshman Maya Goldin said, “Now I’m excited that I’m actually here.”

Freshman Cooper Crosby said, “I was pretty nervous at first, but now I’m at school thinking it’s not that bad, I think it’s going to be a fun year.”

Gulfport’s first-year students gathered inside the auditorium for a welcome back assembly. Speakers highlighted the importance of striving for success and having goals.

The district aims to help its students academically by reducing a summer slump with their flexible schedule. Despite starting school earlier, students have the same amount of break time spread throughout the year. Ninth grade teacher Jan Kathryn Chambliss said, “The summer? A lot of people would call it short, but it was definitely sweet. It’s good to be back and it doesn’t really feel any different than from what people consider a normal summer.”

Other Coast school districts start school in the beginning of August, not the middle of July. However, the flexible schedule gives students a week break every 45 days. Freshman Ryan Boles said, “I like it because it gives you breaks all throughout the year and not just one long break. It gives you time to relax between school.”

“It sounds crazy because July is a summer month, but in all reality we’re right here at the end of it. August is right around the corner and that break won’t be too long.”

Now that summer is out, school is in and Gulfport has a head start getting their class of 2026 to graduation.

The rest of the students in the Gulfport School District will start school tomorrow.

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