Salvation Army Center of Hope in need of donations

The Salvation Army Center of Hope social services programs are in need of donations.

The Clean and Fresh program at the center offers showers and a place to wash clothes as well as providing hygiene necessities for those in need.

The center washes over 100 loads a month and is low on many necessities including washing detergent, towels, bleach, deodorant, toilet paper, body wash, shampoo, socks, and men’s and women’s underwear. Social Services Director Stacy Crandle said, “A lot of time our homeless people feel like they are unseen and so coming here provides a little bit of hope for them that they can come in and get clean before they go to work or come in and take a shower and get clean clothes before they go to a job interview. So this program doesn’t just support them just getting a shower, it is a holistic program that we put support services around to be certain that they can go back and become productive members of society.”

If you would like to help or if your civic group is interested in hosting a fundraiser or item drive, please contact Stacy Crandle at 228-206-1920 or

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